We are attracted to properties that need more love.


Are you flipping a house for resale? Or fixing an investment property that your children will inherit, maybe a second home away from home. Let Echota Designs be your partner in style. With investment properties, we can go more traditional and modern to show that the home is flexible and has the potential for added flair. We stay on budget and help your property sell for its potential.

With a focus on affordability and with imagination (our specialty), natural materials can be reclaimed, repainted and repurposed. Old barn woods make fabulous cabinets and bars. Varnishes, paint palettes, and a variety of methods can elevate what you have into what you want to showcase, or we’ll find it online, at an estate sale, or antique store. New comes into focus with the right flooring, finishings, and meaningful touches.

Outside, old siding can be removed to let original structures shine. The right shutters and window coverings can make a house stand out. Does your property need more love? Echota Designs works with heart and soul.

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