Residential Design

Inside and outside, bring your dream home to life with a style unique to your space and budget.


Echota Designs inspires clients with designs to maximize the elements of modern farmhouse d├ęcor, emphasizing warmth, durability and comfort. If you are considering remodeling a room, refreshing your home, or remodeling your whole house, contact Holly for her expertise. During a consultation, Holly can reveal high-quality options for floor coverings, bedspreads, sofas and chairs, fabrics that feel mid-century modern, yet timeless.

Think eclectic and BoHo, using a palette of old and new to complement your style. We can look at what you need to replace or supplement. Imagine new frames for your wall hangings, repurposed woods for bars, cabinetry, and centerpiece and side tables. The possibilities are endless because we imagine big things on not-so-big budgets.

Contact Holly for a consultation today.